Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we try to answer all of your burning questions

This page will grow with more questions we can answer. For example we will share more information about the data that will be provided during the hackathon. Haven't currently found your answer but cannot wait? Send an email to 


Where will the Hackathon take place? 

In the LEF Future Centre, Griffioenlaan 2, 3526 LA Utrecht, a location offered by Rijkswaterstaat. This location is not usually open for public, therefore you need to offer your personal contact information when registering for this hackathon. Please bring your ID to the hackathon!

Do we get to eat? 

Of course! We ask your dietary restrictions when you register, so that you always get to eat something that suits you. No good hackathon is accomplished without good food!

Is there an option for accomodation?

Unfortunately there is no option to stay the night at LEF. That is why we start the day early, but the welcome talk and group activities always start a little later and end on time for people to go home, if they wish to do so. If you live far away, it might be an option to book a hotel room in the nearby hotel, which is about 5 minutes walking distance. You can join the team there! 


How about IP, use of personal information and sharing my data?

Both the IP developed during the hackathon and developed during any potential subsequent assignment remain with the participants of the hackathon or the executors of the assignment. All participating teams retain full ownership of the concepts and solutions developed before or during the hackathon. The organization recognizes and respects that any intellectual property generated by participants before and during the event belongs solely to the registered team. Individuals are contributing to the teams’ solution, and therefore have no personal ownership of concepts and solutions, but will belong to the team. 


General Conditions

You agree to personal data being stored for internal use by the hackathon organization. This data will not be shared publicly or used for purposes other than recording the hack or to reach out to you during the hackathon by the team members.


Please note: upon arrival at the event, all participants are expected to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This NDA is intended to ensure the confidentiality of the information and Data of challenge owners shared during the hackathon. 


Do I need to be registered in the Netherlands to join this hackathon or if I want to receive the assignment when I have the best solution? 

Individuals and teams are both welcome to participate in our hackathon. However, please note that in case a grant is awarded to a winning idea, it can only be used by officially registered entities within the Netherlands, but this is only for afterwards. This means participants cannot claim any part of a grant for personal use, after the team had the best solution. This is to ensure compliance with legal regulations and to facilitate the appropriate allocation of awards to support further development and implementation of the best ideas. You do not need to be registered in the Netherlands as a person to participate in the hackathon. 


If you receive the offer for best solution in the hackathon, we offer to submit a proposal for an assignment at NSO. NSO then provides support in refining the proposal and can issue an assignment based on a good proposal. To execute an assignment, your organization must be registered with the KVK (Chamber of Commerce).

Should a team, for example, from the data department of RVO/RWS win and want an assignment, this can also be arranged.

How does receiving the money work? Do I receive it in one installment or in parts? How is it monitored and tracked afterwards?

When an assignment is granted, it is customary for the payment to be made in two parts. One part at the beginning when the assignment is given and one part upon delivery of the final result. This can be divided into more installments if agreed upon.

How much support do I get from NSO if I have the best solution with my team for a pilot project?

NSO can provide support in refining the proposal for a pilot project, offer substantive advice, and help in making contact with relevant parties in the space industry.

If I offer the best solution in this hackathon and get first place, what does the pilot program process look like afterwards?

If you get the assignment, we invite you to write a proposal for a pilot project. After any refinements, NSO will issue an assignment.

What kind of experience do I need to join this hackathon? 

A little experience with the use of space data is very beneficial. But it is not mandatory, everyone can learn! You do need to have an extreme ambition to make the world a better place and it might be nice if you know how to work in a team. We ask your experience and background in the registration process, and we match teams and people with that information, to make the best teams possible. This means that you have some influence on who you work with, when you add this in your registration information.