Thursday, June 13, 2024 - Monday, June 17, 2024

Registrations now open for teams and individuals who want to participate in the GDF Hackathon 2024. Registrations close when the maximum amount of participants have been reached. 


Welcome to the first ever Geo-Data Fusion Hackathon, organised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and NL Space Campus. We are committed to using satellite data to address social issues and create a better future for all. We believe that satellite data, combined with other sources of data, has the potential to revolutionise the way we solve some of our country's most pressing challenges.

That's why we are inviting you to #GDFHackathon24, a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, teams, startups, developers, data scientists and -architects, and social innovators, to come together and develop creative solutions using satellite data.

Solve a challenge and receive up to E20.000,- 

Wind turbines in the North Sea 

Impact on ecology

Stagnant Steel

Parking in perspective

Soil Monitoring at High Altitudes 

Caring for the Future

Join as a team or just by yourself

Come create meaningful solutions, competing with your team to receive up to €20.000 for a pilot project with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Watermanagement.  

Join us, hack on June 13, 14 and for the finale 17 June at LEF, the Future Center of Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Public Works and Water Management Department).

To participate in the hackathon, you can register yourself or your team on our website (soon). The hackathon will take place over three days, Thursday June 13, Friday June 14, with the finale on Monday June 17. During this time, you will have access to a wealth of satellite data, expertise and resources to help you develop your solution and your skillset!


The Geo-Data Fusion Hackathon 2024 will take place at the LEF! Watch the video below to get a preview of the location.

Registrations are open for the Hackathon 2024

Registrations for the 2024 GeoData Fusion Hackathon are now open. You can register* with a team and individually. If you want to make sure your registration is complete, we ask you to finish the entire registrations process. You can always come back alter to alter your answers. Registrations will close when the maximum amount of participants has been reached. 

*In case of too many applicants, teams will be selected upon motivation and backgrounds to have sufficient participants for interdisciplinary teams.

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